How Can The Orange Monkey Help You?

We are a locally grown alternative to big box media creation giants.


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Video Production

Got an product, place, idea, or message to share?
Let's promote it with a professional video.

App Development

Got a big idea? Let's make that dream a reality.


Let's shine up your image!
Show the world your best, and stake your claim!

Media Strategy

Do you want to create an effective plan to capture larger audiences and new clients? We can help.

Creative Communications

Is your business stuck in a rut relying on the same streams of communications? Do you want to enter the 21st century with your marketing approach? Orange Monkeys are swinging in to help!

Political Management

From Parliament Hill to your local Town Hall we have you covered! Slogans, Logos, messaging, documents, ads, organization, and management and more!


Orange Monkey Media was founded in 2012 by Eric Williams. It is an excellent option for media contracting in the Southern Ontario, engaging in a wide variety of work for corporate and public sector clients. Let us show you how our services can improve and expand your business as a whole.

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